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Welcome to the world of Herrmann! We make it easy for managers and teams to become agile thinkers and use the diversity of their thinking across the board for everyone in the company. This is how organizations grow and develop their full potential.

We call this: Whole Brain® Thinking with a system. By applying cognitive science to management requirements, “Better Thinking” becomes a competitive advantage.

The Whole Brain® way of thinking

Everyone thinks differently, but only few companies can use cognitive diversity as a strategic advantage.

How people think determines how they work. How groups of individuals think determines how the team they build works together. How groups of teams think (and work) determines the success of the company they work for.

To put it plainly, this means that the success of a company depends on the ability of its management team to foster communication, innovation and productivity within and between the individual functions. In more than 35 years of working with more than 100 clients worldwide, we have found that a deeper understanding of cognitive potential and thinking is the key to success at the corporate level.

Your Whole Brain® journey starts here

You want to become part of the Herrmann network? Great! Our certification workshop is your entrance ticket into the world of Whole Brain® Thinking. As a certified HBDI® practitioner you can use HBDI® for individuals, two people, teams, business units or entire organizations and be the driving force behind the successful use of Whole Brain® Thinking.

You support your internal or external clients in personnel and business development, coaching, new work or transformation processes. As you see, the areas of application are extremely diverse – in any case, our certification workshops are your starting point. Take a seat and let the journey begin! 

Three routes on your way to certification:

  • Public e-certification: In times where travelling is not possible due to personal or external circumstances, our online certification might be the right choice for you. It provides you with the same knowhow like our on site workshops by using digital platforms and tools.
  • Public Hybrid-Certification: An efficient mix of face-to-face seminar and virtual live sessions provides you with everything you need to get started working with the HBDI®. Note: For the time being, all our certifications will be conducted online only.
  • Inhouse certification: You are a team of five people or more? We are happy to organize certifications in your company, exclusively and customized for you and your fields of application.

Upcoming workshops

July 8 – August 2 2021
HBDI® e-Certification
July 8: Kick-off  (4pm – 6pm)
July 15: Session 1 (4pm – 7pm)
July 22: Session 2 (4pm – 7pm)
July 26: Session 3 (4pm – 7pm)
August 2: Session 4 (4pm – 7pm)

Optional follow-up: Free participation in an in-depth think be.yond workshop

Workshop language: English

any date – anywhere
HBDI® Inhouse (e-)Certification, aligned with your personal needs and challenges as a team  

You would rather like to attend one of our German e-certifications? Please find all dates and details here.

Why you should attend our e-Certification

  • You save money and time: You can easily attend from home. All you need is a PC, a stable Internet connection, webcam and headset – so basically nothing more than your usual home office setup.
  • You gain HBDI® and tool know-how at once: In our online workshops you will not only become a certified HBDI® user, but will also be introduced to helpful digital tools like Miro, Mentimeter and Slack that will make your virtual work easier – even beyond the application of Whole Brain® Thinking.




  • You can learn at your own pace: Our e-Certification expands over four weeks with weekly virtual classroom workshops and sparring sessions with your peer group. 
    In between the sessions you will deepen your knowhow with exercises based on a Learning Management System. So you can set the time and pace of your learning journey yourself and access the ressources also beyond your certification.
  • You get a think be.yond special training for free: Participating in our e-certification will grant you a free seat in our think be.yond workshops to deepen your skills and get to know new methods.

Free White Paper: How will you adapt?

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.” – Tony Schwartz

We’ve all been facing big change and challenges during the past year. Now it’s the time to ask ourselves: How will the “New Normal” look like?

Download this White Paper to learn how to harness cognitive diversity in your team to adapt to uncertainty, develop agile leaders, and create resilient organizations.


Webinar recording: Adapting to Uncertainty


How can you shift from survive to thrive by adjusting your leadership style in the face of uncertainty? Watch the webinar of our colleagues from the USA to get some practical strategies for developing agile leaders.


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After your HBDI®-Certification you will be ready to:

  • … use and interpret the HBDI® as part of your tool kit.
  • … tackle business challenges in a truly ‘whole brain’ way.
  • …shape development processes of individuals, teams and entire organizations and releasing potential.

Let’s get in touch!

Some of our worldwide customers

Companies that have proven “better results through better thinking” by using Whole Brain® Thinking & the HBDI®